Monday, June 6, 2011

Six months

It seems it is just six months since my last post here. I'm not sure how that happened although Ravelry and the Phoenix forum could be the explanation as I post my projects on the first and my thoughts on the second.
Would you like to see some projects here??

Was it silly of me to be unreasonably excited to have a message from Ravelry asking if they could use it as the feature photo for this pattern? Probably, since mine is the only finished one on there! I really don't know why. I love it. It is Glimmer by Grace Melville from Studio 20 in Rowan Denim but with plain sleeves.

Next we have Fiore di Mare.

I have knitted this twice but both have gone off for swaps. I shall do a keeper though before the autumn comes.

Another twice knit project is Sleeping Baby's Castle blanket. I did one full size and one smaller one by reducing the turret rib surrounding the picture part.

My friend for whose grandson I knitted the smaller one was showing some professional photos that had been taken of the baby and I was so thrilled to see they had chosen that blanket for the pictures.

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