Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm still here!

I was reminded by Janiannie that I have not posted for absolutely ages. She is quite right but her last one was June 25th so I think she should practice what she preaches!! My excuse has been that I have been spending a lot of time helping Rosemary cope with 2 broken arms but she is now out of plaster and back at work so that excuse is no longer valid! The next excuse valid for one week only was an excursion to Norfolk for me him and the dog. We stayed in a cottage in Syderstone near the beautiful north coast and the weather was fine enough for several visits to various beaches which was very restorative. We visited the Woad Centre which was very interesting. Ian is such an enthusiast. I had got it mixed up with indigo but managed not to embarrass myself by going on about the properties of a completely different plant. I visited Knit Wits in Dereham and bought some grey tweedy yarn for a cardigan in the current Designer Knits.
Friday being the day of the Macmillan Cancer Carity biggest coffee morning Janiannie and I went to Nottingham John Lewis where Clare the Rowan design consultant is organising a blanket from squares which we were all knitting. I have managed to do four in total. Not, of course on the morning but before and since.