Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the needles

On the way home from Wales we stopped off at Abakhan which was astonishing! I bought some Freedom Organic cotton at half price (1.49) and have been knitting Ravenscar from Rowan 45. It's going very well but I am taking a quick dalliance with a Lacy Baktus which is becoming a bit addictive! No wonder it is such a popular pattern on Ravelry - free too. It's an 8 row pattern which I am knitting in a stripe producing sock yarn so double the reasons to knit another row, or 2, or 8! I have however noticed I have no socks in progress. This could lead to a panic attack later as I am going on a spree with my friend and she is driving. Must remedy lack of travelling project immediately.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunflower Sunday

Today was Sunflower Sunday at Attenborough Nature Centre and as Rosemary was doing an art workshop making a giant sunflower I went to take care of Millie. This was not much of a challenge as for quite a lot of the time she was happy with the paint and paste involved in the sunflower. We also searched compost for mini beasts, tasted (and bought) local honey and made a butterfly peg and a badge. I bought some plants and Millie made a willow pyramid plant support which meant I had to return to the plant stall for Morning Glories for her to grow through it.


I resolve to pull up my blogging socks (not hand knitted - the daughters claim all of those) and update more regularly as the next round of Secret Pal has finally got started.
We have just returned from a lovely week in Anglesey. We were all there. Mr M and myself, Both daughters and their menfolk and Millie. We spent time on various beaches
and visited Foel Farm Park which we were all very impressed with.
It was my birthday while we were away and we spent the day in Beaumaris. I had hoped we could all take a boat trip to Puffin Island but it was too windy so we had ice creams in the Red Boat Ice cream parlour (highly recommended.)An evening meal at The Ship in Red Wharf Bay began a week long love affair with that little place. I loved Moelfre where I found this tiny but very friendly Wool Shop.

On the way home we stopped of at Abakhan What a wonderful place! I bought some Twilleys Organic cotton at half price with which I have started knitting Ravenscar from Rowan 45. It is really soft and is knitting up nicely. I also bought a length of cotton fabric to make a skirt for just over £2.00. We then went into Chester which is really beautiful. I haven't ever been there before.

I did very little knitting while I was away being too busy playing word games and drinking wine and too dozy after days in the fresh Welsh air.