Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where's the knitting??

I have just started Icarus number 5.5. (The .5 refers to the wedding shawl I abandonded in favour of the fancier one in VK)
I recently completed one in a sage merino and silk dyed by Cinders from her Ravelry shop. This is a present for a friend who is about to reach a notable birthday. The one I'm knitting now is for another friend at the same life stage. This is in yarn also from etsy
They will both be revealed post blocking.

Bank Holidays

On Bank Holiday Monday I had arranged to go to the Draycott Arts and Gardens Festival like we did last year but when I checked the times I discovered it was held over the May Day weekend! We remembered the Derbyshire Open Arts event was on though and had a wonderful day at Cromford Mill and Denby Dale. There was some interesting textile art at the mill and we were inspired to rush home and start sewing - we managed to resist though and included Cauldwell's Mill and the Peak Shopping Village in our itinerary instead!
Half term week meant a sleepover for Millie. We made use of a free child entry voucher to go to Sherwood Farm Park where we fed lambs and goats

rode a miniature steam train and did quite a lot of climbing.

Wednesday we went to a Wild in the City event at the library where we cuddled a baby guinea pig which shot straight up my coat sleeve and made a willow withey lantern which was quite as difficult to make as it is to say. After lunch we went to see Horrid Henry Live and Horrid at the Theatre Royal.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I finally succumbed

The newlyweds are honeymooning in Australia and have chosen to keep in touch via Facebook so I have finally given in and joined.

The Wedding of the Year

Millie knew she was going to be the most beautiful bridesmaid but my neice, Anna, came close

and here is the full set. Rosemary was the chief bridesmaid so had sleeves, the other two are Eve and Rachel, friends of the beautiful bride.

Here comes the (very smiley) bride........(photo curtesy of janiannie)

Here I am (in the hat!) with my friends 'The Girls'

and with janiannie.

The reception was at Sutton Bonnington Hall which I would recommend to anyone looking for a venue. The hall was beautiful and we had full use of it. The staff were so helpful and the food was wonderful. The gardens were fabulous.
Here are Johnny and Rosemary who is wearing the wrap.

Rosemary with Mr M (who scrubbed up pretty well)

Cutting the beautiful cake made by James' mother.

Millie sayed up way past her bedtime- and has cried every morning since because she wants Auntie Isabel to have the whole wedding again every day!

Oh and Lynn made a friend

Monday, May 4, 2009

what a weekend!

While I was out on Saturday I had a text from my husband 'If you are shopping we don't need any bananas or any flowers'

These from himself

These from my brother

These from a friend

and these from another friend

and these from a colleague who I have worked with for several years

Why all the floristry? A very big birthday.
I also had presents! A coffee machine from the dear daughters, a Cath Kidston Knitting bag and picture frame from a friend, a cheque from 'the girls' a group of friends one of whom I have known since my first day at school the rest from Art college. From Janniannie a Touche Eclat and a very significant pendant. Mr M is buying my wedding shoes and bag (he doesn't yet know how much they cost) and also paid for Rosemary, Isabel and me to have a bronze day at Lakeside. What a wonderful day we enjoyed, swimming, sauna, a very lovely lunch, a manicure, a facial and a back massage. We managed a stroll around the garden too.

On Sunday, lunch had been booked at a pub in Swarkeston. I arrived expecting the family but I was delighted to find the afore mentioned 'Girls'. It was a complete surprise. Apparently I almost caught them having a drink outside, they had to move very quickly for old people to take cover inside! Also Isabel's James commented on a sports car parked outside."My friend has one of those" I told him...

Now we have the countdown to the wedding. Last night was the rehersal. The vicar fell up the step, Mr M fell down the same one, Rosemary is doing a reading and has a very sore throat. The pews on our side are really small so there isn't room for all the bridesmaids and Millie cried when we left her behind to pretend to sign the register. I'm sure it will be fine won't it?