Saturday, December 29, 2007


So that's it gone for another year. I know everyone complains about all the build up followed by the speedy passing of the day itself but I really haven't found it that way this year. Apart from getting the knitting done I seem to have coped okay somehow. Of course, misplacing the zip for Johnnie's cardigan the evening before the family was coming for presents didn't help - I had thrown it in the bin in it's little plain white paper bag looking for all the world like rubbish. Both daughters and partners and Millie came for tea and presents last Sunday, Dec 23rd then on Christmas Eve we all headed south to Henley-on-Thanes to spend Christmas with my brother and his family. They live in a really beautiful house that we hadn't had chance to visit before and they made us really welcome. Christmas Eve we should have been carol singing in the pub but it was so crowded we ended up doing it on the station whilst waiting for the train into Henley itself.

We were off to an Italian restaurant for a lovely dinner.

It was lovely to be all together on Christmas day. We have always got together at some point over the season but this is the first time for very many years it was on the actual day.
Here is Princess Millie modeling one of her presents

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SP 11

The time is up on SP11 and reveals have been made up and downstream. My final package arrived recently from Dottyspots
Here is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran just right for some new fetchings with matching scarf. Tistie Tostie smelliness from lush and a box of Turkish Delight (half empty to my shame)

My down stream Pal was Gemma aka bendigoblue
I had to be really careful as Gemma is active on the Angelyarns forum so I had to remember not to tell her things in emails which had posted on the forum and vice versa. Then when she put me as a friend on Ravelry I thought I had somehow blown my cover but when I checked her site I realised she had added several forum members, phew! She was quite ill during the last month but I am glad she is well on the mend.

My Christmas knitting is beginning to come together.
Socks for Isabel
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The wool is from Brightdyes and I bought it at Woolfest. The pattern is from Interweave and although it's an easy one it has seemed to take forever.
Tea cosy by request of my workmate Charlie

The yarn is Wendy Fusion from Boyes in Kirkby in Ashfield and the pattern is an adaptation from Tea Cozies

I planned a nice big bobble on the top but realised it would be too hatty so substituted a nice i-cord. Now to finish off the rest. The countdown is on.......

Busy Day

It is a while since Millie and I did anything worth reporting but today we made up for it. This morning we visited Wheatcroft's garden centre where we saw two of Santa's reindeer. They were just outside the coffee shop so we could watch then while we shared my scone and Millie ate her crisps. Then a visit to the man himself which included a 'ride' on a sleigh to get there.

Santa understands little girls and her present was a teenage doll with extra clothes. Her mother's seasonal threats must have taken root though as Millie asked how come she had got a good present when she had been naughty.
This afternoon we saw We're going on a Bear Hunt at the Lakeside Arts Centre

It was really well done but they had introduced some poignant moments as their interpretation was that the mother had died - this was only hinted at, so it escaped comment by Millie who has a small child's fascination with dead mothers as featured in most fairy tales.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Oh dear I seem to have fallen into bad blogger ways and not updated for simply ages. Over the last few days I have been knitting frantically on Christmas gifts, mostly Johnnie's gray jumper and two pairs of socks.
I had a trip to Bakewell and on the way back we discovered a yarn and patchwork shop in an old chapel in Rowsley - what joy. We were in ther for hours. My friend bought some olive green Katia linen yarn for a cardigan but I limited myself to enough for some mitts.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Swap bot swap

My swapping addiction continues but I have it a little more under control. Now, when browsing Swapbot I don't just think 'I could do that' but also 'would I want one?' For instance, ages ago I did a swap based on a fundraising idea we used when I ran a playgroup where the children had to cram as many things as possible into a matchbox. Now as this is fun and cheap it has really taken off and lots are organised by various people with various themes. I keep being drawn to them but STOP! I really don't need yet another cubic inch of bits. However I have just done a European knitter's swap.My fabulous parcel arrived yesterday from Fiona in Edinburgh and what a beauty it is!

Here it all is. Twilleys Freedom Spirit I know is perfect for felting. There is a skein of Noro Iro and 2 different shades of Mission Falls 1824 wool which tone with the Noro - I must try to think of a way of incorporating them all together -any suggestions? There is also a great notebook and 3 toggle buttons who were camera shy and hid while the photo was being taken. But wait...what is that.....

It is silk, but not just silk...beautiful, beautiful silk from Teo's shop on the Isle of Skye. I really love this and can't wait to finish the boring Grey cardi I am knitting for Rosemary's Johnnie's Christmas present.
Oh and then there was

This card with a rosette made from Scottish tweed with a vintage button which looks perfect on a red cardigan. Thanks so much Fiona.