Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knitting in Public Day

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday when I should have been at work. When I knew Sarah Hatton was coming to John Lewis in Nottingham for the day I had to book leave so I could be there. We were fewer than I thought but the store was busy and lots of people came over to see what was happening. One knitting person commented that she knew now what monkeys in the zoo must feel like! My Friend and I were laughing saying wouldn't it be funny if someone we knew happened to pass when suddenly there was Fran who I used to be very close too many years ago! How fabulous to reunite! I'll definitely be keeping in touch.
We had a competition to knit bunting and one for the fastest knitter. Cast on 60 stitches and knit for 3 minutes. I managed 131. Not very impressive when you know the world record is 255 but still enough to win me the prize! A set of bamboo needles, a ball of Rowan Cocoon and a copy of Sarah's book. How lovely!


GirlAnachronismE said...

It was lovely to meet you there, and I'll definitely come back for the coffee mornings. And congrats on your win!

Heini L said...

Oooh, sounds nice KIP-day :)

We also were knitting in public, it was somehow 15 knitters and one toddler with us and we enjoyed +28 C (I got huge sunburns :( ) for 5 hours.

Have a nice summer :)

janiannie said...

Just checking if my defunct blogger account will still leave comments...didn't we have a brilliant KIP day yesterday, topped off for me with the arrival of my Posh Yarn, doesn't get much better!