Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Millie's New Outfit

Millie was very pleased with her new top today. It is Tait a hooded top by Sarah Hatton in Rowan Cotton Glace with the addition of a Hello Kitty from an old Chinese knitting book that used to be in the library. It must have been withdrawn - sorry I missed that one but I had photocopied this motif which I used on a sweater for baby Millie.

Unfortunately for Grandma's wallet, it apparently needed a whole new outfit to show it off. Thank goodness for Tesco's sale rail!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Once again time has whizzed by with no record making. Too much time is spent lurking around Ravelry. Yesterday I received a package from the Ravelry Secret Scarf Swap (#2 Whimsy) It is a lovely cowl, happily not too whimsical but knitted in the softest of green Malabrigo with a jaunty red rose.

This is the one I have sent off for the same swap. This probably only just scrapes by as whimsy. It is Myrna knitted in Knitpicks gloss in purple. Beads curtesy of the leftovers from the bridesmaid's wraps. The dangle at the other end I took from a necklace.

Although I thought a cowl wouldn't suit me because of my lack of swan-like neck, it actually sits cosily around the base of my neck and has been very welcome in this cold snap.

I have been mostly knitting kidsilk Haze in the delightfully named 'Drab'. I bought 6 balls of this in the January sale in John Lewis and have managed to knit 2 Lacy tops, one for Isabel and one for me although you may notice mine is distinctly unlacy. I forgot to photograph Isabel's before I gave it to her as usual.

I have also knitted Travelling woman #3. It's for another swap. Maybe I'll make one for myself one day. It is a good satisfying knit.