Monday, March 31, 2008


When I was off work with a chest infection a couple of weeks ago I had no energy except that in my hands so I needed something simple and comforting to knit. I found the comfort in some Rowan Kid Classic in a lovely deep sagey green which I bought in the last John Lewis sale. For simplicity I found Firefly in Rowan Studio 2.

The colour in these photos is awful, I don't know what happened.
I didn't notice the bobbles on the picture in the booklet - you know what Rowan's Arty shots are like - and was a bit confused when I came to the instructions for that row, but they were easy to do and give interest to an otherwise plain garment. I added a buttonhole and lengthened the sleeves. I am finding it very wearable.

Me; We are going to the theatre today
Millie; What are we going to see?
Me; Brilliant
Millie: What are we going to see?
Me; Brilliant
Millie; But what are we going to see?
Me; It's called 'Brilliant'
Enter Millie's Mummy
Mummy: What are you two up to today?
Millie; We are going to the theatre
Mummy; What are you going to see?
Millie; 'I like it very much'

Thursday, March 6, 2008


It's a long story but I have just written a post and published it on this phantom blog mazzam2 I must have created it when my Jubiiblog died but I don't remember it at all and I obviously never posted on it.Oh well it's always good to have a spare. I couldn't get an option to copy the post and I didn't want to rewrite it so please use the link if you wish.