Sunday, October 21, 2007

Millie's Dress

I don't know if anyone would remember Millie's very professional approach to modeling a waistcoat I knitted for her.

Well, she showed a similarly imaginative approach when I asked her to try on a new dress for a photograph.

In case you are as confused by the picture as I was when I uploaded it (even though I only took it very recently) She is lying under the dress on the end of a corner settee unit...

Trying again

Ah, at last Blogger is cooperating and has deigned to upload this picture of my gift from cheekyimp for the Angelyarns Forum Winter Warmers swap. Good isn't it?

Crystal Palace yarns kid Merino in great autumny colours with a pattern for a perfect lacy scarf
2 skeins of Mirasol Hacho in a shade I almost sent to my partner
a ball of Anchor Machicline cotton for some cheery dishclothing
a set of row markers which pleased me no end - they are going to be so useful.
Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate
Hotel chocolate chocolate spread - I can't tell you how delicious this is.
Now by some twist of fate I have to knit fingerless mitts and send them with something fabulous to the same cheekyimp for the current (Mitts) swap!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I arrived home yesterday afternoon to find a post office van blocking the garage. Well that is quite a good sight in these days of postal strikes but I was even more forgiving when he handed me 3 parcels. The first was this year's Lilliput Lane members' cottage, the other two were gifts, one from my Secret Pal in this round and the other from my 'Winter Warmers' Secret Pal swap on the Angel Yarns Forum.

First, and packaged in excellent Cath Kidston bags, we have Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, some in soft pink and one in a brighter shade, two skeins of blue wool in mixed shades, a lovely smelly bath bomb from Lush and dark chocolate yumminess.
Now Blogger seems unable to post the other picture so I will have to try again at a later date! Oh well I think it's the first time Blogger has given me any problems since I had to change provider, so not too worried.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday catch up

Here is a little bag I made for a swap. It is in Rowan Handknit cotton in a dark turquoise, no longer stocked. The pattern is from 25 Bags To Knit although I reduced the size a little as I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn.

I am trying to knit a cardigan for myself at the moment but am suffering from pattern blindness or something and have had to frog part of it so many times I have thrown it out of the pram and settled down with some Wine and Roses mitts which I have been meaning to do for ages. This is a pattern from an old edition of Interweave knits and is very pretty.
Meanwhile with Millie; last Wednesday was Attenborough again. We were looking for minibeasts and found millipedes and ladybirds and all kinds of lovely things

From the park we went to TK Maxx where Millie chose this cardi and hat set which she is modeling in Bardill's Garden Centre - our next port of call.

Sure I could have knitted one but not for £7.99 and not when I have to finish my $%&*^$@ cardigan and knit 4 pairs of socks, 2 men's jackets and a dress for Millie and one for baby Annabel - oh and mitts for a swap. Yikes do I have time to go to work?
Isabel has come back to working in the library, just a couple of Saturdays a month as a casual but it was so lovely to have her there this week. She has worked there on and off since she was 16, First as a casual then 2 part time stints in between career changes and I really missed her when she took up her post with the Wildlife trust but after working full time during the summer vacation she is now back to part time work there, University and the library too.
Rosemary is unwell at the moment so Millie came for a sleepover with the promise of a visit to Heage Windmill as she didn't really want to come. Of course when it was time to take her home she wanted to come back with us! We had a lovely time scrambling up the ladders and having a go with a quern and testing how pulleys help to lift weights. Here is a picture Millie took;