Wednesday, February 10, 2010

International Shawl Swap

I have had the most amazing box of loveliness from wonkydonkey for the Ravelry International Shawl Swap.

There are toiletries and lip balm which Carrie makes herself. How did she know I really needed new lip balm. These smell wonderful. There are post-its and notelets and fabulous chocolates- coffee flavoured (my favourite) caramels garnished with roasted salt (how fabulous) and a little bow of truffles so special that one is even gold! A stainless steel water bottle because somehow she knows I need to drink more water.

There is some grey hand spun, enough for a hat. How did she know I wanted to knit a grey hat? Is she hiding in my wardrobe?

And the shawl..................................

This is Percy and not only is he extremely handsome but he smells delicious too!

Remember the grey merino Carrie spun for me? Here it is now..

Just in time for this second spell of winter we seem to be having right on time for half-term holidays.

Lots of Thanks to Wonky Donkey. It's a truly great package.

Valentine Swap

Here is the Valentine heart swap from Rachael on the Phoenix Knitting forum.

As well as the knitted heart there is a felt bag, chocolate eggs and some red heart stitch markers.

My Cardi's

This is my current favourite cardigan. It is the Textured Cardigan from Rowan Studio 8 but after 2 attempts at getting the cabled sleeves to a fit I liked as they are rather wide, I decided I didn't want to introduce a 3rd texture so I used the seed stitch from the yoke. The clover pink isn't a colour I would normally choose for me but the Felted Tweed was half price in the last John Lewis sale and I have had lots of compliments.

This kidsilk haze cardi is also from a Studio booklet. I knit it some time ago but forgot to photograph it. It is another favourite.

I have also been wearing Stockport but perhaps not as much as I would if I had knit it an inch or so longer. I did alter the neckband slightly. I found it was standing up rather so I re knit it with some short row shaping and it now sits better.