Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I knitted Audacity a free pattern by Faye Newport. I really like it but it is far too big and seems to hover over my head. I can't face reknitting it so I might try felting it. I only wear hats when it's very cold but find it really difficult to get one I feel comfortable in.

The felted tweed I used for the hat was left over from my very favourite Flared Cardigan by Sarah Hatton.

The colour in the hat picture is much truer.
The socks to go in the Towers of Wonder were ready in time.

Embossed Leaves for DD1, Plain ones for Mr DD1, These for DD2 have spiders on the front from the Barbara Walker pattern (I really really don't know why I put them on the front rather than the side) Plain again for Mr DD2
And here are the aforementioned towers which take the place of stockings.

They were all well received. Millie finds them tickly so I was excused knitting smaller ones.

I have put away the decorations now. I made some Christmas bunting which I loved but I couldn't get a very effective picture. Here though is my willow wreath made for me last Christmas by Isabel. It stays up all year round as a memory wreath but I added some extra pieces for the season.