Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long time, no post

I seem to have lost some of the enthusiasm for blogging. Must try harder. Here, at least are some recently finished items;

Here is a pair of good old 'Fetchings' for a swap. They are in Mission Falls and I had to knit very fast to get them finished before the wool ran out! Har, har!
Next some good old plain socks knitted in that lovely Opal yarn in colours based around an artist's work.

Followed by another plain pair in some Fyberspates yarn I got in their sock club some time ago.

(Photo by Millie)
The last recently finished thing is a cardigan for Rosemary which I started so long ago I can't remember when (but only last year) It is the brother to one I knitted for Isabel from a Rowan magazine pattern,

Here is Isabel wearing hers.

And I still have so much of the rotten boring wool left I am now in progress with the 'hat scarf' thingy from the latest Rowan mag.
Last weekend James and I and Rosemary took Millie and her best friend Toby to see Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal Nottingham. As the interval started Millie looked up and said 'Oh I'd forgotten you were all her I was so inside the story' What a great comliment to the cast and crew.
On Wednesday I decided to take her to Manor Farm an animal centre and Donkey sanctuary not to far away. We were the only visitors that cold day but we had a great time and I had to promise to take her again when the weather is better. The fresh air and exercise did her good. She ate 2 of their young farmer's platters for lunch.
Tomorrow I am collecting Millie from nursery so she can be a temporary visiting member of K3tog as we venture out on a spree......I will report back soon.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to blogland

After a l-o-n-g build up my good friend and one third of our so-called knitting group K3tog, Janet, has at last started her own blog. Please visit her.After reading her minutes of our so-called inaugural club meet I'm sure it is going to be entertaining! Janiannie is open now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tip of the stashberg

Just before Christmas the basket in which I keep my nicest/most pending yarn was cleared out and spruced up for a starring role in the festive Tot's time at the library as it was used by Bookstart Bear to bring in the presents (guess what - books) for the children. It has now been returned to it's everyday use and while it is still tidy, before it gets dumped on with needles and part balls and other flotsam I thought I would introduce it ;

I have found a 'back door' to my old blog. My original -mazzam- is inaccessible by any normal route but I have found that if I Google a term I used in the past and go in through by the history it brings up old posts. I don't know if I will do anything with it, I'm not sure if it would bear republishing, especially as it would be out of sequence, but it was good to read again about our last holidays and some of the outings with Millie from earlier in the year.