Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Itty Bitty knittys

Taking a break from the wedding knitting I have made a few little thingies for Rosemary's shop Charming Rosebud.
First here are two Inhaler socks created because once too often I have used my inhaler not realising it has picked up a bit of grit from inside my bag and then recognising the foot-like shape of the thing.

Next a case for paper hankies. The picture is an image transferred from one of my old black and white photographs.

Lastly two cases for phones or cameras again with transferred images.

It was really good using the Image Transfer stuff.

At last Millie and I have had a day out together again. It was an inset day at her school on Monday so we set off for Snibston Discovery Park We had such a good time, we lifted up a mini car, shot a ball in the air, walked through a tornado, found out about generating electricity and loads of other things which Millie did not realise was science. Outside in the play ground there was a seesaw with the fulcrum (I failed physics O Level but still remember about fulcrums) so far to one side we could actually get the balance which meant we could really see-saw!I'd love to have a photograph but there was no one else about to take it. There were lots of climbing opportunities too. The only thing is I wasn't allowed in the Fashion Gallery which I would love to have seen as apparently a phobia about shop window dummies is genetic and Millie has inherited it from her Mummy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I hope you have had a lovely relaxing Sunday. Would you like to know how I spent my afternoon???

The answer is I have been helping Isabel make about 9 million wedding invitations / order of service covers. Neither of us have really done any stamping before apart from a very short workshop at one of the shows a few years ago but we managed between us to produce the required amount with only about 3 abject failures. There are sprays of wild flowers and appropriate wording and it was really quite satisfying and much less frustrating than the search for suitable bridal shoes. Yesterday she was measured for 'the' dress and we need the shoes for the first fitting in February. It was getting a bit worrying but we appear to have tracked down a couple of suitable candidates

Friday, January 16, 2009

More pictures

Here is the lovely second package sent by my Secret Pal #13.

There is the cute sheepy bag into which I will be putting some special and favourite knitty tools. See the ball of Habu cashmere. The colour is surprisingly accurate - a lovely green which came with a pattern for a lacy scarf. I love Habu yarn but have never had chance to knit with it. I always stand and stare when we see the stall at the Knitting and Sewing show but I have never indulged so I am really grateful and happy. Then there are the 2 tasty lipbalms and the bag with the selection of stitchmarkers which are here helping with the set up row of one of the bridesmaid's wraps. You might glimpse in the corner the silver beads I am using and note I am using the traditional method of threading them up first. I tried the crochet hook gig but found it more fiddly in this case although I can see times when it would be easier.

Then here is the one wrap I have finished but not yet blocked. The pattern is
Waves of Grain from Knitty Fall 08. I have increased the width by one pattern repeat and I am using Rowan Kidsilk Night in Oberon which is actually a wedgewood blue and not the grey it appears

I am enjoying knitting these wraps but I find it one of those patterns I am liable to make silly mistakes with as I get going. Once it's set up I can whizz away.

This is the bride's shawl so far. It's knitted in some laceweight bamboo from Yeoman's stand at the Birmingham K&S show. It's very fine and very springy. The pattern is the beaded shawl in the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting but without any beads so far as they would be too heavy for the yarn. I think I will put some on towards the end - if I ever get to the end. As I said to my Secret Pal when she mentioned my finishing the wedding web - sometimes I wonder if I will even finish the row I am on. I will have to do more repeats of the design than the pattern calls for but the bride is happy that the thread is not animal based - yes there is a discrepancy in that she is also pleased with the woolly kidsilk - don't ask, I don't!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm back!!!!!!!

Yay! hooray! and much thanks to a certain Colin who is Scottish, patient and persistant. He sorted out my problem even though we were on the phone for over an hour and I ended up offering to send him a Christmas card next year and he wished he could come round and sort it out himself..together we did it!!!
Now at last I can add some photos for your delight and delectation.

This here is the first package I received from my Secret Pal in round 13. It is beautiful Japanese yarn which I am sure will knit beautifully. Unfortunately I am not allowing myself to deviate from the wedding shawls until they are out of the way so I must be patient and content myself with admiring them on the top of my yarn basket.

Next we see the purple Icarus which I knitted for my friend's Christmas present
She has always been very fond of the poem 'Warning' so I thought it appropriate. The laceweight merino came from Cinders' Etsy shop and is a much richer colour than it seems here.

Lastly a picture of a sweater I just about remember knitting for Rosemary from some Crystal Palace yarn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Secret Pal

My Secret Pal is evidently a person with taste otherwise why would she send me Habu natural cashmere with a lovely assortment of stitchmarkers and delicious lipbalms all contained in a fabulous sheep adorned bag? I love it all and know you will too when I get the mucky Internet set up at home so I can add the rotten pictures! (can you tell I am fed up with it??????

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh dear, I hadn't realised quite how long it has been since my last post - what a bad blogger! We should be back on at home by the end of the week though so stand by for some pix. Not that there is much knitting going on that doesn't involve a) lace b) Kidsilk Haze c) Bamboo the thickness of sewing thread d) weddings e) lace.
So I missed the last SP13 question - are you doing any holiday knitting? but of course the answer is a resounding No! See above. The last few years I have knitted for James and Johnny so I don't know if they were relieved or disappointed to get shop - bought gifts this year.
My memorable Christmas moment was Millie sitting on the floor wearing a round gift box at a jaunty angle.
Me 'You look like Jackie Onassis!'
Millie (quick as a flash) 'You look like Spongebob Squarepants'