Thursday, December 24, 2009


A few weeks ago rosemary and I were having coffee and scones at John Lewis and each had a tiny jar of jam. We were discussing how we always felt we should find a use for these and the idea emerged that we would challenge each other to decorate our jars and present them to each other on Christmas day. Isabel got involved too. I finally did mine and was asked to do one for Millie so she doesn't feel left out.

This is the one for Isabel who keeps rabbits;

Millie has a bit of a thing about Frosty the Snowman;

It's a bit of a squidge but he does fit inside.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Look at this....

I had my Christmas present from Isabel in November. It was a willow basket workshop.Whoo Hoo! We went together to a Wildlife Trust nature reserve near Newark where lots of willow grows. We cut lots of willow and then were told to use the withies provided by the leader cos ours weren't long (they meant good) enough. Well we had a fabulous day. We had wrapped up warmly but had to take off a few layers as it was a lovely day and here is the result;

Yes, it's a proper basket with a handle and everything!

Well I never!

ever since I started using this laptop instead of the big computor which is slightly unwell I have assumed I would have to do something tricky to post pictures WRONG! I just attached the camera and it did it by itself. Who knew??? This means I have not recorded any knitting for ages and have given most things away being socks for Rosemary and mitts for Isabel. Oh well at least I know I am back functioning again and so all I need to do is remember to take the pix.
What prompted the picture loading was receiving a box of Christmasness from bluenail in Canada for the ravelry Christmas Swap.

See all that lovely yarn and all that yummy chocolate. There is also a bag of interesting coffee beans, a gingerbread man cutter with a suitable recipe a decotation ot put on the tree and a present to put under it. (I haven't opened it Honestly) A handmade item was part of the swap and here are the mitts bluenail made for me.