Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Separation anxiety

The thing is, Mr M is in dispute with the internet/phone provider. (They think he should take an 18 months contract - he doesn't) So we dont't have access at home. I am in the library just now doing a quck and random trawl. It's really frustrating and as he doesn't use it it's likely to take time and reminding. Hey-ho.
Millie has started school now and suddenly things have chenged profoundly. No more afternoon jaunts to the 'featre'. No more Tot's time. Roll on half term!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Adventures with Millie

I think it's some time since I recorded where I have been with Millie. Of course we went to Wollaton Park to see the famous foto on display. Disappointingly it was merely pinned to a board and not mounted and framed. There were comments from the judge though which went along the lines of 'the waving grasses and yellow flowers give the impression of a chill windy day enhanced by the bleached out sky' and something about the tiny crows I hadn't noticed. It made me smile. Millie is rising 5 and just saw the pretty coloured flowers.

We have been to Manor Farm Animal Centre which we heartily recommend. It's quite cheap to get in, the animals are good and there is lots and lots of indoor and outdoor play.

Health and safety donkey rides involve a crash helmet and two attendants per donkey.

We made our now annual expedition to Moorgreen Show this time in the company of Auntie Isabel who enjoyed helping with some weaving sticks in the craft tent.

Another place we have enjoyed was Conkers This was another reasonably priced venue but as I had some Tesco vouchers it was practically free. Millie had a fabulous time here. We were there practically the whole of the opening time and she is asking to go again.

We had a day out on Tuesday this week. First a visit for me to the dentist then an excursion to Attenborough. No Tot's Time of course, we were free-range but we had a lovely time in the willow garden making Teddy bear food like we did on the last one.
Now she has gone of to school and although I'll be picking her up at the end of the day on Wednesdays our trips are curtailed until half term. Looks like homework for her and housework for me! Booooo

Meanwhile, on the needles I have two shawls, a shetland style one in Cherry Tree farm and an Icarus in some purple laceweight from Cinders ,socks in some Opal self patterning yarn, one of the Hundertwasser ones, which I keep changing my mind about whether I like the colours and some in Noro Kureyon which I have a touch of second sock syndrome about.