Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from a (almost) knit free holiday

Well I took along all those projects but all I knitted was a couple of rows on Icarus. This is the reason why.........

Before they left Isabel went into their local town where in the Oxfam shop was a notice asking for a kind person to sew up blanket squares!!
I use the term squares loosely - some had a corner missing and one had at least 5 sides none of which were straight. There were small ones and large ones. Some were beautifully neat but lots had ends toweave in. So that's how we spent our evenings and it didn't even get finished.
Aside from that we had a wonderful holiday. The cottage was huge. It could accomodate 10 and beatifully done out. The view from the front was stunning and baby rabbits. sheep and peacocks put in appearances at the back.
We visited Whitby and I went to Bobbins but only bought postcards befor we carried on to Robin Hood's Bay

We went to Filey where it was warm enough for a paddle

and into Bridlington where we had a ride on the eye.

Rosemary really wanted to go on the bungie/trampoline things but they turned out to be just for children so Millie went on instead.

The highlight of the trip was a day at 'Falingo Land' largly paid for with Tesco Day Out vouchers. This was the best fun. We all went on at least some of the rides, even my James. We got soaked on the Yellow Submarines and spun around on Circulator. We had a bird's eye view from the cable cars and jumped up and down with a large frog. There was a seaside adventure with Profesor Bubbles and I just loved the Rocking Tub even if it was a children's ride.

Then of course there were the animals

On Friday it looked like a seaside day again so we headed off to Scarborough and it was absolutely lovely.

I really really didn't want the week to end. I tried to soften the blow by breaking up the return journey with a visit to Helmsley, a morning coffee and scone in a farmshop/tearoom and a stop-off at the York designer outlet but it didn't really work. Not even finding there was a Scarecrow Festival in Stillington as we passed through.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Au Reservoir

We are off on our holidays tomorrow. Hurray!!!! Yorksire-land of sheep. There will be knitting. I hope to finish Icarus at least and maybe the Kureyon socks, or a baby hat for the Paul O' Grady appeal Millie will be coming up on Monday though and as I am taking her 'Making Things Box' I expect I will be doing plenty of cutting and sticking again. Auntie Isabel will be along this time though so she'll probably be commandeered.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question of the week for SP12

Just found out about the question of the week and it is 'What is your favourite summer time drink?'
Well all year round it is coffee. I love a nice cappocino and those bottles of coffee flavoured milk drinks although they are a bit too calorific for me at the moment. I like ginger beer and I enjoy a green tea in the morning. I've never been a drinker of 'normal'tea but some of the herbal ones are nice. I also like elderflower drinks - presse or cordial.


As nothing seems to have been cast off the needles as opposed to pulled to pulled off the needles and thrown in a corner, I thought I would round up my UFO's and shame myself into getting something finished. Even now I am remembering there is another sock somewhere and I also, in a Freudian kind of way, forgot the silk thing. Anyway - here goes - worst first:

What on earth is that? You ask. That is Stylecraft Sirocco which has been on and off the needles several times as it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be and I don't much like knitting with it as it is rather rough.

I bought this sock yarn at Wonderwool.It is one of Opal's
range and the colours in the ball were intriguing. I love the concept of basing yarn on art but when knitted up this one is just yucky.

More socks and I am making some progress on these. It is Noro Kureyon sock yarn I was sent in a swap on the Angelyarns forum. It's not the softest but I understand it improves on washing - either that or the wearer will exfoliate as they walk!

This is the Alpaca I bought at Wonderwool. The pattern is the flared cardigan in Studio 8. It keeps getting left because it seems a bit wintry.

Here is Icarus in a hand painted merino laceweight I bought years ago from Ebay. This is slightly in disgrace because having almost reached the end I realised a) i was going to run out of wool no matter how fast I knitted and b) I had a big hole just after the start of the feathers where I had somehow dropped a stitch. Frog tink frog........corner. only temporary though.

last of the ones that attended the camera call is the current favourite. Green (very)Rowan Wool Cotton from John Lewis at the last Knitting Coffee morning. I am making it up as I go along (ish) The edging is from Nicky Epstein's knitting on the edge. watch this space to see if any of these dear old friends make it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My Secret Pal for round 12 mentioned that she hadn't seen a picture on here of Lily-the-Dog so I thought I would remedy that.
Here she is sniffing out chocolate in a previous swap

And here she is looking rather suspicious

She isn't keen on the camera and is a bag of nerves at the best of times. Except on bonfire night when the fireworks can be as loud as you like and she takes no notice. However if someone walks past the house it is frenzied barking!
Her favourite position is on the back of the settee. I took her for her booster jab at the end of April and the vet suggested she needed to loose a little weight. Apparently she had been 20k when we first transferred to that practice. I weighed her on the way out and was shocked that the scales read 55.6. It wasn't until I took her back yesterday and she was 23.6 that I realised I had weighed her in lbs the last time.Duh! Still she has done really well to lose 2k in such a short time without really noticing. Although as she sheds enough hair to knit another dog most weeks it has probably all gone up the vacuum cleaner!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The time came round again for Tot's time at Attenborough! The trouble with doing something regularly is that it seems to make time fly as it comes around again. This month we were looking at minibeasts which didn't appeal to Millie's friend Other-Millie and she kept running away screaming. Other-Millie's Mummy wasn't keen either but hid it better. We were having a good time and I even found a newt under a log. Then, halfway up a slope I found myself total stuck and off-balance, hanging backwards,just about horizontal and then toppling over backwards and rolling down the hill. Fortunately Other-Millie's Mummy was the only witness although questions were asked about the large patch of mud on my skirt. What nobody knew about was the large patch of mud on my leg! There must have been brambles too judging by the scratches on my arm. Of course I swore I was perfectly fine and at the time I was. I went a bit achy afterwards though.