Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today Denby Pottery was celebrating the bicentennial. I thought I would like to see what was happening so, after baking and filling macaroons and whipping cream to cover a 'Dougal cake' (this is a line of chocolate chip cookies dipped in coffee and stood on end then covered with whipped cream so looking rather like Dougal from the Magic Roundabout) and walking Lily-the-Dog and before going to Sainsbury's to buy Soya cream for the vegan daughter's variation (naked Dougal;ginger biscuits dipped and stood with single cream poured over on serving) and going to Isabel's for a birthday lunch, I went along. It was great fun and I was very excited by the craft tent and food market with locally made chocolate, cupcakes, bread, cheese etc until I realised I had dashed out with £2.75 in my purse. Well I flexed the plastic in the gift shop as everything was 20% off and then heard an anouncement for someone to return to their car. Oh the shame and embarrassment! I don't know why I felt like that....nobody knew it was me. Apparently in my hurry I had left the window completely down! So I never got to see most of it as I realised time was rushing away. I'm sure everyone else enjoyed it though, there was a Victorian fairground, Pinxton Puppets and a charity stall staffed by a nice lady in Georgian costume complete with authentic anorak. (It was a chilly spot she was in)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home again

Well we are back. Lily has been sprung from doggy jail and is snoring on the setee.
What a wonderful place we stayed in! This picture really does not do justice to it. You need to go round the back to see the view over the valley and sit out at breakfast on the decking to watch the finches, tits and woodpeckers feeding in the garden. We drove miles to the Llyn Peninsula to this beautiful cove

We walked all around a lake up in a mountain

Millie drove a train

We went to an Edwardian stables which had been converted to a craft centre. In the folly was a swift's nest with the mother flying in and out of the window feeding her young.

The wall inside was painted with farm animals

Llandudno was fun

On Wednesday I took James to the Wool & Willow festival. It was rather a long drive through the rain and I'm not sure it was really worth the trip but I'm glad we went or I'd have been wondering what I'd missed. On the way back we called in the Colinette Mill shop where I bought a skein of Jitterbug and some bargain skeins of Cadenza in Mist colourway.

It was really fortunate I bought the sock yarn as I got to the neckline of Millie's top and finished the back of my cardigan and could go no farther due to lack of appropriate needles. I did have some dpn's though and there was a pattern on the yarn band so I was able to crack on with some socks whilst Rosemary and Johnny discussed who should wear the results!

There was also wool at Trefriw Mill

Friday, June 12, 2009

Excuse me for a while

My new Cath Kidston knitting bag is packed with W.I.P's and random things I think I need and tomorrow we are off to North Wales for a week.
No one believes that I didn't realise the Wool and Willow Festival is on but it is and I hope, although it is quite a drive from where we are staying, that I'll be able to make a visit.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One named Peter....

Me: I think I'll knit some seagulls.

Anne, a work collegue: I don't know anyone else who would ever say that.

Well here they are, ready to help at the seaside themed Totstimes we are planning for some of the summer Thursdays at the library.

'Two little seagulls, sitting on a wall,
One named Peter, one named Paul.'

Icarus Flies again # 4.5

Icarus is my favourite shawl knit. It si quite straightforward and enjoyable but no less impressive for that. This is in the sage silk/merino from Black Cat Fibres. Lovely yarn, I think this is my favourite one, shame it's for a gift!

Blogging resolutions.

So.....despite deciding against joining Secret Pal 14 at the end of the 13th round there has been a nice break before the next one and as soon as I saw sign-ups were on I dived straight in again. This means I have to pull up my blogging socks and make sure I post at least weekly.

Yesterday was a reunion for a toddler group I used to go to about 100 years ago. I was really excited when I first heard about it - then totaly went off the prospect. Well it was yesterday and I made myself go and I had a really good time . The years disappeared and we never stopped talking. It helped that there were not many there and some had kept in touch and I knew one as she works in the library service too but it was good to catch up with the weddings of the tots we knew back then.
Earlier in the day I went to the John Lewis Rowan coffee morning in Nottingham. This was not as busy as usual and we guessed some had gone off to the Ravelry day in Coventry. It was good though. Not much knitting seems to get done but lots of chatting coffee drinking and danish eating. We always seem to get lots of interesting tips though, a free pattern and a look at everyone's projects. It's only bimonthly which is a shame, especially as I sometimes miss it through work intruding.